Have you been dreaming of learning how to cast a fly rod?
Do you want to jump in to fly fishing, but you’re not sure where to start?
Are looking to expand your fly fishing abilities?
We have your answers. The Hook Up Outfitters is Arizona’s only Orvis endorsed guide service, and the premier destination for fly fishing and casting instruction!
Fly fishing is a beautiful and exciting sport, but it can also be very frustrating when you’re starting out or working on new techniques. Private instruction is an essential part of any successful angler’s strategy. Our guides and casting instructors are experts in teaching beginners, intermediate and advanced anglers. We can work with you to target any specifics you want to work on, whether it be basic instruction, distance casting, saltwater casting, or any specialized casting or styles that you or our guides can think of! Sure, you can buy a book and try to teach yourself, but why not have one of our instructors work with you one on one, so you advance quickly, and get out on the water and have success!
We structure our private lessons to be convenient to your schedule. Our instructors are available 7 days a week. We meet at our fly shop at Lake Pleasant, which is usually less than 30 minutes from Phoenix or Scottsdale depending on your location.
If you have your own fly rod and reel, we encourage you to bring it to your lesson, so you can get comfortable with the rod you will be fishing with. If you haven’t made a rod purchase yet, or if you want to try some different rods out, we will provide fly rods and reels of different varieties for you to use, and will give you a 30 day 20% off discount card for you to use in our fly shop.
We guarantee that our hand selected instructors will inspire greatness and make your fly fishing dreams become reality.


One Hour

$95.00 per person

Two Hour

$150.00 per person